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Just troubleshoot it. You have an ideal test environment here.

Took your advice,  I’m pretty sure I found the mod that did it.   But decided to leave it in and take care of them myself in game.  I figured it will add some interesting parts to my neighborhood

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There is a mod out there, I believe I have seen it on mod the sims, that does take the social worker out of the game. Maybe you have that installed and don’t know it?

I don’t think i have that, because I can teleport the social worker, so she’s not removed.   But what I think I have is a mod that lets you leave children and toddlers by themselves.  Not sure why I installed it.

I decided to leave it in, and take care of the bbs myself.

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Haha she gonna live in that crib FOREVER

nooooooo,  not gonna let that happen

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I like that idea. Better than watching them die 🙁

i don’t think they can die.   The boy has been at the absolute bottom of hunger for 3 sim days now.   

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I don’t know what mod it is but I kind of feel bad for them.

me too 🙁   i’m thinking about making an orphanage and teleporting them there, and cheating their needs up.

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still no social worker

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Anyone out there know what mod I might have in that would prevent the social worker from coming ?The…

Anyone out there know what mod I might have in that would prevent the social worker from coming ?

The toddlers should have been taken away at least a day ago….   and then the only surviving caregiver died, and the social worker still hasn’t come. 

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KijikoHairCC for Skyrim by Chitama available on Nexus…

KijikoHairCC for Skyrim by Chitama available on Nexus mods!

Chitama and Tomo converted my TS4 hairstyles into Skyrim.
You can download it here :3
Thank you for the awesome conversion,Chitama!






Nexus modsからダウンロードできます

Chitama’s Blog / ちたまさんTumblrブログ

Tomo’s Blog / ともさんTumblrブログ

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Reblog this if you’re a simmer 25 or older







Just want to know I’m not alone, feeling a bit unsure if I’m too old for this. I’m 26. But one is never too old for sims, right? 😀

Very older. 🙂

Sigh. Yes. I was 25 when TS1 came out and I started playing it…

25 x 2 + a few years. 🙂 

I’ll never understand why people put “age limits” on things. I say, if you enjoy it, do it, no matter how old you are or what age the activity is “meant” for. Among other things, I play Sims, I watch lots of cartoons, I like to color, and I like playing in the snow and drinking hot chocolate afterward. I don’t think any of that will ever change.

I pinch your little cheeks. How can you be too old for something if you still enjoy it? I was born in 1961. Which in the grand scheme of things is not that long ago.

The attitude that pleasures are automatically “grown out of” and that certain activities are shameful if enjoyed past a certain point is a toxic one. It is also inherently immature.  Think, when did you start being concerned that you wre “too old for” things? When you were a child. Your aspiration was Grow Up and you wanted to achieve the hallmarks of maturity.

When you are truly mature, you stop being concerned about it. The important thing is to keep enjoying life. Sometimes this means taking on unpleasant or tedious responsibilities to keep your life going and take care of your loved ones. Sometimes it means relaxing and playing.  Letting your creativity out for exercise. Noodling aimlessly. Doing silly things. Laughing at the antics of pixel people till you fall off your chair. Fun is what gives you the strength to do the hard things.

And it’s productive.  Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not. Nylon was invented by people playing around in the lab. People who take time to play live longer and enjoy it more. Good parents play with their kids; the best parents do things with their kids that they both enjoy. Play is a standard part of therapy because it works better than working all the time.  And your mental and physical health doesn’t care about any weird cultural notions about “age appropriateness!”

I’m so tired of seeing so many young women these days (and this really does seem to be a new phenomenon) thinking they or other women are “too old” to enjoy themselves. Like women are supposed to stop having personalities or thinking about ourselves in any way once we get to a certain post-supermodel age. What’s going on here? While the idea isn’t new, the incredible prevalence of it is, and it’s super disturbing.

I was born in 1976. This was just… not a thing when I was growing up. Have these young women ever had a conversation with their mothers or grandmothers? Aunts? A teacher? Seriously what is going on here, because it’s becoming more than an annoyance and starting to look like a serious problem. For one thing, the generation that’s saying this crud is going to have the most epic mid-life crises that have ever been seen.

I’m enjoying 40 waaaaay more than I did 24. If you think your life is over at 25, you’re living in some weird nightmare that you need to wake up from before you waste more of your life worrying.

nearly 42 here.   Sims is still as much fun now as it was when I was 20.  You’re never too old for this shit.  Just enjoy yourself.

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[JS SIMS 4] Button Bending Denim Jeans


please tag “jinglestartk” if you use this,

and I’ll reblog your post, thank you

Always seen these in Korea when I was there. I LOVE that baggy/oversized look

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