10 QUESTIONS MEMEI was tagged by @retromaisie  Thank yoU!1) How long have you been playing your…


I was tagged by @retromaisie  Thank yoU!

1) How long have you been playing your current hood?

– That’s a difficult question to answer. Ever since I figured out how to do all the hoods together back in 2008 or so?  That’s the only way I’ve played.  But I didn’t know about corruption.  And I’ve gone through several computers and several moves since then too. So this specific neighborhood? A couple weeks? maybe? But hopefully I can keep it going far longer.   Oh, and I’ve never had all the custom subhoods in before either, and I’m really loving them.

2) Uh-oh! Your game just exploded: are you going to rebuild or start afresh?

start fresh for about 3 days, and then miss my giant neighborhood too much and rebuild it.   I have everything written down so I know exactly what I need to get it going again.

3) What is your favourite Sims version and why?

– TS2 and TS3 for different reasons.  I got SO attached to my characters in TS3.  I still am. They came alive to me,  and collaborating with other people made the experience that much more amazing.

But for TS2,  the world building, and the ability to easily play every family makes it better for playing whole neighborhoods.  I didn’t like in TS3 that when you go back to a family you played before, major things had happened and there’s no easy way of changing that.

4) What’s an expansion you’d love to see that EA never did for any version of the game?

School and more social life for kids and teens.  They could do so much with that.  Classroom politics, Dances and social activities you could actually participate in, maybe boy scouts and girl scouts…. there could really be a ton of different directions they could have taken something like that.

5) Do you consider yourself primarily a player, builder or decorator? Or other?

– I’m definitely in the Player category.  I can build,  and sometimes I enjoy decorating. But I’d much rather play. … I think it’s evidenced in my gameplay pics.  I don’t change a whole lot and they are pretty bare for the most part.  Some of my sims get lucky and get decorated spaces.  All the other sims get jealous.

6) Do you play pre-mades, your own sims or a mix?

– In TS3, definitely my own.  They are my babies.   In TS2,  EVERYTHING.  Premades, other people made, my own,  all thrown together.

7) If you could visit one premade world as a real life place, which would it be?

Just one?   I’d have a hard time choosing between  Twinbrook, Monte Vista, and Isla Paradiso  in TS3

8) Tell me about a sim of yours who you were saddest to lose (death, game glitch or whatever…)

– in TS3,  i had a MASSIVE computer crash. I lost everything. I had over 100 TS3 characters and only managed to save a handful that I’d shared with other people. That still hurts.

9) If you could go back and change one thing about your simming, knowing what you know now, what would it be?

Corruption corruption corruption -(in TS2)   Don’t create SO MANY characters in TS3.

10) Do you aim to give your sims a happy perfect life, or enjoy watching their struggle and misery? >:)

I like to play my sims as real characters with real motivations and needs.  People’s wants and needs make them screw up, it’s what makes us human.  I treat sims the same way.  I try to play them through their own eyes.  What would they do in the situation, how would they react?

11.  What is your favourite aspect of the Simblr community?

FEEDBACK.  Bouncing ideas off each other,  getting inspiration,  all of that.  Sharing sims and stories.  It’s amazing.

12.  Besides tumblr, how else do you interact with the simming community?

– I’m involved in several roleplays with other simmers and their characters, It’s a lot of fun,  and while it isn’t specifically “playing sims”   it’s definitely in the sims community so I say that counts.

13. Lastly (this question is my favourite!) – Another simmer whose game you would love to have and why?

Anyone in TS2 or TS3 who’s game is decorated and built nicely.  I really do with I had the patience and desire.  But I don’t.

Tagging –  Anyone that wants to.  Seriously.  DO IT.

I have a headache, so I don’t really feel like coming up with new questions.  I know I answered more than 10, but someone try to arrest me for it 😛

You don’t have to answer 10.  Answer whichever ones you want to,  come up with your own new questions about the game that you’d like to answer instead of these