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I’m sorry for saying this on the internet where I know someone will be pissed off but I’m tired and my judgement is impaired so I’m saying it anyway:

Can we PLEASE stop using the phrase “terrible genetics” about every sim that isn’t super pretty? Can we PLEASE just, agree to reserve that phrase for sims who have actually broken genetics, like those messed up face templates or something? Not for any sim who doesn’t look like a model, or who happen to have inherited recessive genes making them not look like carbon copies of their more “attractive” parents?

Honestly? “Pretty” Sims with greatly slider-ed features – probably especially with the new custom sliders, I would imagine – tend to make really ugly babies in the game. The game doesn’t know how to handle their faces, doesn’t know how to combine them with their partner’s, and the results of such unions are often a bit (or a lot) strange-looking for life. 

So, if you were to ask me – not that anyone did, but I’m always happy to spout off – I’d say that it’s actually those “pretty” super-custom Sims that have the “broken genetics,” in a literally-broken, the-game-can’t-work-with-them sort of way. I’ve never understood the obsession with “pretty” Sims nor the general reviling of “ugly” ones. It reminds me of how superficially people are judged in real life, based solely on their looks, and it really, genuinely bothers me. I mean, I suppose that if all you do is make Sims and never actually play the game (or at least never breed Sims), that’s one thing. Pretty them up all you want, then. But me? I like the “ugly” (but not unrealistically-deformed) ones best. In that sense, I’m pretty freaking Maxis-match, I guess you could say.

Sims don’t judge on physical beauty……   The “prettiest”  sims fall for the “ugliest” sims all the time.   We should take the hint.