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Hi wcif the girls hair from seasons gameplay. …

Hi wcif the girls hair from seasons gameplay. Thanks I’m new to your blog and I’m really enjoying it.

I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!!! Even if I don’t have the best graphics, sims, photos or editing lmao. It’s Alli’s hair and you can find it here <3

what will the future be like?

what will the future be like?

i don’t get what you mean, anon 🤔

What’s Gins hair?

It’s the realaxed hair to the side by @wildspit you can find it right here 🙂

Dont put your legacy in the mm tag people usually go there looking for CC

I’m so sorry! Someone told me once something like this with other tags, but I didn’t know there were people looking for cc there too (maybe bc i always use the same tags…). I apologize for my mistake and will tag again the posts in my queue. Thanks for telling me 🙂

can we download any of these sims of yours? theyre so cute and pastel!

Some are listed under my “downloads” tap, but any other sims are not downloadable, sorry!

can we find your sims on the sims 3 exchange?

No, sorry!

Its been a couple days since I stopped by, so I thought I would pop in and say hello! Also, I wanted to ask you what was your favorite gift you have gotten on Christmas? Sincerely, your Secret Santa xx

Oh goodness, tumblr didn’t tell me you sent this, SS! & my favorite gift was a new computer, which I still use today. (:

I would really like that. :] She’s gorgeous. You did an amazing job on her. ^_^

Thank you so much! 😀 That means a lot. c:

Hey there. :3 Is there anywhere that your pale, blonde sim might be downloadable? :]

Currently she isn’t up for download but I can certainly put her up later this weekend. (: She was actually made for a face claim on a site I role play on.

When I have time to open my game, I’ll certainly get her together and make her downloadable!


Hope your day is filled with holiday cheer! Here’s a dancing santa to make your day all the better: images[.]wikia[.]com/icarly/images/1/17/Animated-dancing-santa-1-[.]gif