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Sim Dump

Sim Dump

hair 1 @shespeakssimlish

hair 2 @isjao

hair 3 @shespeakssimlish

-ask for other CC links 🙂

I’m back!

I’m back!

-missed you guys so so so much!

hair (x) – @wildlyminiaturesandwich

skin overlay & skin default (x) & (x) – @grimcookies & @johnnyzest

eyes (x) – @cupidjuice @cupidjuicecc

brows (x) – @grimcookies

eyeshadow (x) – @pechefleur

eyeliner 1 & 2 – @twinksimstress & bluemoonsims  

piercing (x) – by pralinesims

lashes (x) – @kijiko-sims

lips (x) – @crazycupcakefr

earrings (couldn’t find link) –  by @aharris00britney

top (x) – @christopher067

pink + the cityhair  —  jumpsuit  —  necklace…

pink + the city


—  jumpsuit  —  necklace

if you want something else, ask for a wcif here!

This is for all women, your fighting and revol…

This is for all women, your fighting and revolution will pay off. Happy women’s day to those who feel represented here and those who doesn’t (sorry for that).

— 8M.

if you see something you like, you can ask for a wcif here.

Nicolette Sheppardmade a CAS video of her here [x] cc links in…

Nicolette Sheppard

made a CAS video of her here [xcc links in the description of the video!!

click for HQ

– so sorry for not posting a video for a while, my recording software made all my videos super laggy.

Emmalynhair @lumialoversimsskin overlay @johnnyzest (as…


hair @lumialoversims

skin overlay @johnnyzest (as always)

eyes @dangerouslyfreejellyfish

brows @pralinesims

contour @pralinesims

liner @flamedeyes (faveee)

lips @grimcookies

nose highlight

necklace @pralinesims

top @trillyke

Maliyahhair (mesh #2)skin…


hair (mesh #2)

skin overlay @johnnyzest

eyes @cupidjuice

brows @pralinesims

eyeshadow @catplnt

liner @twinksimstress

lips @pyxiidis

nose ring @pralinesims

top by toksik

Oliviahair @shespeakssimlishskin overlay @johnnyzestfreckles @pix…


hair @shespeakssimlish

skin overlay @johnnyzest

freckles @pixelsimdreams

eyes @cupidjuice

brows @pralinesims

eyeshadow @mysteriousdane

liner @flamedeyes

lips @grimcookies

nose highlight @pixelsimdreams

earrings @wildlyminiaturesandwich

tattoo @crazycupcakefr

top @rusty-sims 

Kassidyhair @rusty-sims brows @pralinesimsskin…


hair @rusty-sims 

brows @pralinesims

skin overlay @johnnyzest

eyeshadow @mysteriousdane

liner @twinksimstress

lips @grimcookies

nose highlight @pixelsimdreams

dress @rusty-sims (in love with this dress!)

tattoo @taylortheferret

-I’M IN LOVE WITH HER. ps ily ily ily guys! thank you you so so so much for 4.3k!!!

Cleohair @kismet-simsbrows @pralinesimseyes (glossed eyes)…


hair @kismet-sims

brows @pralinesims

eyes (glossed eyes) @reticulates

liner @twinksimstress

lips @weepingsimmer

earrings @wildlyminiaturesandwich

top @kismet-sims

hearts 1 @citrontart & 2 @simplypixelyt

– and omg thank you so so so much for 4.1 almost 4.2k followers omg! means so much loves!

and my video recording software makes my videos laggy :(( anyone know any good free recording softwares?? if so, message me!!